Adding value to your work

International impact

By working with us, you will boost the impact of your communications at international level. Your work will be consistently well written in another language, retaining all of the original meaning.

Linguistic craftsmanship

We liken our role to that of a master craftsman who uses all his flair and passion for a job he loves. Like master craftsmen, we work to our clients’ exact specifications. Every day we build on our knowledge to furnish high standard translation and interpreting services.

Precision, care and quality

Our work reflects the same quest for precision, subtlety and quality as that of a master craftsman.

Respect for your professional identity and image

We use our writing and adaptation skills, cultural understanding and flexibility to cater to your business needs. Having worked in business and within the banking industry, we know how important a good translation is (a bad one can do untold harm). We also know that you need to keep to tight deadlines. We will respect your professional identity and that of your targeted audience to deliver work that accurately embodies both cultures’ codes.

Bridging the language gap

We chose to call our company Capito for a good reason: the essence of our work is to help our clients be properly understood. Our role is to deliver a consistently high standard of communications in English, French and Italian to clients who value high quality translations. Our intercultural approach facilitates communication in the business world and reduces the risk of costly misunderstandings. With us, you can be sure that your message will have the same weight in the target language with the same nuances as in your mother tongue.

Long-term collaboration

No matter whether your company is large or small and irrespective of the size of the task before us, we always take the same care with our work. We regard our clients as partners and seek to help them on a lasting basis. This is what is most important to us. Your message matters and we will give it the care it deserves.