Free on-line dictionaries: getting what you pay for

11/28/2013 09:03

Chances are you’ll find at least one dictionary on the desk of any professional who relies on the written word to earn a living  – journalists, copywriters and translators to name a few. That was my case until a few years ago when I decided to replace the pile of brick-thick tomes piled dangerously on […]

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Translating transfer pricing principles: the arm’s length principle

10/10/2013 15:28

The first concept one faces in translations dealing with transfer prices is “arm’s length”, which is the underlying principle of transfer prices. A transfer price is the charge allocated by two or more related parties of the same multinational group for an intragroup transaction. The price charged is based on the so-called arm’s length principle. […]

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Loretta Coronica: barrister and solicitor in Australia, financial and legal translator in France

04/02/2013 15:37

When people learn that I was a lawyer in Australia, they never fail to ask me why I decided to become a financial translator in Paris. The next question is usually, “Don’t you miss being a lawyer?” Frankly, no. I love my work. I came to Paris nearly 20 years ago, learned French, attended the […]

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